PN Homeland

From the feelings brought by Pekan Nanas, each of our gift has its local characteristic products, allowing those who are far form home to convey the feelings of their hometown while giving gifts.

The founder of the brand was born and grew up in Pekan Nanas. When he was a teenager, he left his hometown and now, he resolutely returned to his hometown to support the development and construction of his hometown. This is hereby established the brand [PN-Homeland, Gifts & Hampers] The brand expresses the feelings of everyone to their love ones, and it is also the most sincere expression of the heart.

[PN-Homeland] in Chinese words, represents Pekan Nanas, the hometown of pineapple and also symbolise “leaving from hometown” to work. Therefore, each of our gifts contains pineapple special products, to awaken memories of teenagers and express their feelings with hometown’s characteristics’ gift.

In this town full of humanity, sending gift is absolutely essential and is a custom during festive season. [PN-Homeland] is bound to inherit the spirit of this local town. For people who working away from hometown and unable to personally express their affection to important friends and family because of their busy work, so they use gifts to send warmth and blessings to convey love.

【PN-Homeland】Gift that make memories.